Decatur County General Hospital

Patient Safety Tips



  1. Armbands should always be checked by a staff member before any medication is given or any procedure is performed such as blood work, X-rays, or any operative or invasive procedure.


  1. Hand washing or using hand sanitizer is a very important  way to prevent spread of infection.  Our staff should change their gloves and wash their hands between patients!!  Please ask our staff to wash or sanitize their hands if they have not. 


  1. It is very important for your family and visitors to wash or sanitize their hands when they enter your room and when they leave.  Hand sanitizer dispensers are available near the door of every patient room.


  1. Discourage hospital visits by sick friends or family or by infants and small children. This is for their protection as well as yours and is especially true during the flu season!!


  1. If someone shows up to do a procedure you are not expecting, confirm this with your nurse or physician before proceeding.


  1. Make sure you understand about any care or treatment you receive while you are a patient in a clinic or healthcare facility.  Please ask questions if anything is unclear.


  1. If you are having a surgical or invasive procedure, the doctor or nurse should question you about the proper site, then confirm & mark that site.


  1. If you are given a medicine that is new or different, ask what it is and what it is for.


  1. Keep a list of your current medications, including dosage and frequency, with you at all times in your purse or wallet. List any over-the-counter medications, vitamins, or herbs you may be taking.  Also list your allergies!!  Update it when anything changes. This is so very important!!  It will always be available for any emergencies, Dr. appointments, etc. 


  1. If you bring medications with you to the hospital, never take them while you are here unless specifically told to do so!!  We will review your medications and will give the medications the physician orders for you.  If there is a medication you need & are not getting, tell your nurse.  Your home medications will be sent home with your family or stored in the pharmacy until you are discharged.


  1. Label your medications clearly and keep them in the original bottles.


  1. Review any prescriptions and/or discharge instructions before you leave the hospital or office to ensure you can read and understand them.


**See the patient information booklet in your room for additional safety information







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