Skilled Nursing / Swingbed

What is Swing Bed?

In the early 1970’s as a result of a decrease in Medicare certified skill nursing beds and more stringent Medicaid standers, the availability of skilled nursing care became limited. In response to the need Swing bed or Skilled nursing facility was utilized, under occupied rural hospitals, the Health Care Financing Administration funded the Utah Cost Improvement Project in January 1973.

Congress passed legislature for a national Swing bed program for rural hospitals with less than 50 beds. On July 20, 1982, federal regulations were published for the program. Decatur county general hospital is proud to offer skilled nursing to our community.

Possible scenarios for skilled, Swing Bed admission …..

  • If you are a patient than no longer requires acute care, but should still need a temporary, continuation of care in a hospital setting Swing bed is for you.
  • Knee replacement, hip replacement, with restorative or rehabilitative potential our team of Physical therapist, nursing and nursing assistance get you better quicker and home faster.

2A3 Angie Puckett

Angie Puckett, Swing Bed Coordinator