Environmental Services

'Environment: your surroundings, your setting. A part of your background that often goes unnoticed when one is in a hospital setting. You've probably heard the cliché "hospital corners". It's often used to describe something that's been meticulously cleaned, of course, but that attitude is taken seriously at Decatur County General Hospital.

At DCGH, the Environmental Services Department, headed by Thomas Lindsey, Director of Environmental Care, covers many areas of upkeep that sometimes may get taken for granted.

Director of Environmental Services, Thomas Lindsey, credits this detail to attention to the hospital's outstanding germ control record. "It's something we're proud of...a low infection rate," he says. "People shouldn't have to think about a well-kept medical facility. It's just something that should be taken care of."

The Department also takes care of two hospital-related outlying clinics. He explained all the services that fall under the Environmental category at DCGH. They include:

  • Bio-Hazard Waste Control
  • Lee Crowell Maintenance Technicians {including upkeep and repairs)
  • Housekeeping
  • Safety

"We love working here at Decatur," said Lindsey. We've got good workers, and we appreciate the opportunity to have jobs here. We're proud of our work, and we believe it shows. It shows in the low infection rate, and it shows in the low turnover we have with employees here in our department. We love working with our friends and neighbors right here close at home," he concluded.

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Thomas Lindsey, Jeanetta Burton, Ashley Ramsey, Barry Duke, Darby Reeves, Lee Crowell, Gracie Sills, and Paige Provience.